Idiotic poem

An idiot I am
An idiot I have been
Silly of me, I love an idiot
An idiot more than me

Whispers of idiotic talks
Dreams of idiotic dreams
An idiot was I to think of her
But an idiot I still love to be

How idiotic is the notion of love at first sight
And then love that idiot all your life
All this idiot wishes to say
I do ishq only tumse


And a Tear fell once again


And a tear fell once again
As the memories trail once again

A sip of coffee and your never ending story
A chocolate truffle and our hearts shuffle
A rainy day and games those eyes play

And then life took its toll
Crushing my own soul
I had to play another role

It was no ones wish
And time slipped as fish
Later feelings became bookish

I know nothing can be done now
You are far as stars now
But seems so close don’t know how?

No not blaming you at all
Just sulking for this day to end
Or no matter if this life comes to an END.

But nothing ends
Only the memories trail
And a tear fell once again.

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Further far

farther I go from her
further I am deep
deep in the darkness and infinite
but the infinite has nothing to keep

the less I talk to her
lesser I have to talk about
the silence comes close to me
wraps me in her arms

I watch you still
from distant places
wishing you would see me
telling you, I will still be
everyday you need me

Once ended


She was slender and misfit once,
lanky and idiotic i got once
but Once upon a time she used to see me
and i used to see her

She used to keep blabbering
and i used to make her shut
but sometimes i would just keep staring her face
and the words would fade away
Once upon a time she used to tease me back
when i would tease her

Laughing and shrieking she used to get
and i would turn away and sometimes i wait
Once upon a time she used to wave at me
and i wave her back

I never wanted it to end
but Once upon a time it ended
and all that was left were memories,
memories of me with her